Republican Senators to Halt China Travel Cause Lung Diseases

It has come to light that five Republican senators, led by Marco Rubio, have asked President Joe Biden to stop people from traveling between the US and China. China has a lot more lung diseases than other places, which is why the request made.

Republican Senators: Needs Action Right Now

Republican Senators to Halt China Travel Cause Lung Diseases

They said they were worried and stressed how important it to move right away. Marco Rubio, the ranking Republican in the Senate Intelligence Committee, said, “We should immediately limit travel between the United States and China until we know more about how dangerous this new illness is.”

Republican Senators: Effects on the World and WHO’s Part

When the WHO asked China for more information about the rise in lung illnesses, everyone in the world paid attention. There a report from the Program for Monitoring Emerging Diseases that show groups of kids who being treated but did not have pneumonia. This led to the request.

The answer from the Biden government

“We are seeing seasonal trends,” a spokeswoman for the Biden administration said when told that the number of respiratory illnesses in China was going up. Strange things are not taking place. The government doesn’t see any link between the cases in the US and the growth in China right now.

Republican Senators: It talks about what China did and what the WHO found.

A spokesman for the Chinese Embassy, Mr. Liu Pengyu, said that the senators’ words “ill-intentioned fabrications.” Which makes it clear that China does not agree with them. Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove of the WHO said that the rise in cases seems to be because more children are getting pathogens that they didn’t get during the Covid-19 limits.

US-China flights

Slowly, the number of trips between the US and China has grown over the last few months, but they are still less than they were before the pandemic. There is a rise in the number of people calling for a travel ban at the same time. This makes people worry about how the lung illness could spread.

Getting to Know the History of Travel Bans

It tells us about times when it was hard to move between the US and China. President Donald Trump put limits in place in January 2020 because he worried about Covid-19. He did not, however, reduce the number of planes that could fly between either country.

Travel rules being changed

Foreigners who fully vaccinated, including those from China, able to travel freely to the U.S. in November 2021. ThereĀ  no history of this. People who going on a plane no longer had to test clean after June 2022. As the piece explains, travel rules have changed over time because of the pandemic.

This piece talks about the senators’ call for a travel ban and explains what’s going on in China and around the world. Its goal is to keep people informed about what’s going on with the rise in lung illnesses in China.