Surprise Travel: The Next Big Thing in Travel

Surprise Travel. So, check this out: Jake and his wife Robin were all set for their honeymoon but had no clue where to go. Big problem, right? But then, they stumbled upon this wild idea: surprise travel. Yep, imagine leaving everything, even the destination, in someone else’s hands.

The Rise of Mystery Trips

This surprise travel thing is catching on big time. See, booking sites like surveyed a bunch of folks, and guess what? Over half said they’d be down for a surprise trip where they wouldn’t know where they’re headed until they arrive. Crazy, right? They’re calling this trend the “surrender seekers.”

And get this: instead of racking your brain over where to go, you pick a budget and how many days you want to chill. Then, you spill the beans about your travel style, what you’re into, any food restrictions, all that jazz.

How It All Unfolds

A week before you leave, you get a cryptic email giving hints about where you’re going and the weather so you know what to pack. Then, a few days before takeoff, you get this sneaky letter telling you not to peek at the second envelope till you hit the airport. Why? ‘Cause that’s where the magic happens. Inside, you find your surprise destination and a whole plan, from restaurants to museums, hikes, and other cool stuff to check out.

The Surprise Experts

There are these wizards of surprise travel, like Lillian Rafson, who runs Pack Up + Go. She realized there’s so much cool stuff right in her backyard in the States that folks were missing out on. So, she’s planned tons of surprise trips all across the US. And get this – bookings for these mystery adventures are up by a whopping 30% since the pandemic!

Then, there’s Black Tomato – they’re all about the element of surprise. They offer these “Get Lost” trips where you pick a vibe like desert, jungle, or mountain, and bam! You find out where you’re headed only when you’re at the airport. Talk about living in the moment!

Unexpected Adventures

Here’s the cool part: you can’t plan for everything, right? Sometimes, the surprise isn’t just the destination but what happens along the way. Take this couple sent on a hike in Morocco. They had coordinates, ready-to-go food, all set. But they stumbled upon a Bedouin tribe and ended up hanging out for hours! It wasn’t part of the plan, but that’s the beauty of it.

Traveling for a Purpose

Some folks take this surprise thing to the next level. Ever heard of Brown & Hudson? They’re all about solving problems through travel. Like, say you’re a bit anxious or want to connect with people more. They believe that knowing the destination might distract you from the real journey.

They’ve got these “Journey With No Destination” trips. You fill out this detailed questionnaire, and they set up surprises along the way. Like this lady who had memory loss. On her trip to Iceland, they arranged for her to play the piano in Reykjavík’s music hall – and filmed it so she’d never forget that moment. It’s not just about seeing places; it’s about getting something out of the journey.

The Travel Revolution

So, sure, we’ve got all this tech and cheap flights making travel easier. But for these travel experts, it’s more than that. It’s about the thrill, the unexpected, and the experience. It’s not just a trip; it’s a whole adventure. And who knows where the next surprise will take you? That’s the fun part!